Kajaanin pentunäyttely 2019 05.10.2019
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FCI 9 – Companion and Toy Dogs
Best of groups
1.Tibetan TerrierFalamandus Very Hairy Fairy, owner Marin Noora & Marin Jenna
2.Cavalier King Charles SpanielTen Grade's Missing Wappu, owner Kinnunen Minna
3.Miniature Poodle, grey, apricot and redGray-Day's Blueberry Ice, owner Jarkko Marja-Leena
4.Chihuahua Long-hairedLynch Mob's Gabrielle, owner Turpeinen Sanna
Bichon Frisé6
Bichon Havanais1
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel7
Chihuahua Long-haired7
Chihuahua Smooth-haired3
Chinese Crested Dog3
Coton de Tuléar1
Lhasa Apso2
Medium Size Poodle, grey, apricot and red2
Miniature Poodle, black, brown and white1
Miniature Poodle, grey, apricot and red3
Pražský Krysarík1
Russian Toy Long-haired1
Standard Poodle, black, brown and white2
Tibetan Spaniel2
Tibetan Terrier2