Hyvinkää FCI 1 & 7/8 22.09.2019
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FCI 1 - Sheepdogs and Cattledogs
Judge Biro Zsolt
1.Shetland SheepdogBluemeadow's Q-Man's Hug N'kisses, owner Rautapuro Jasmine & Ruotsalainen Kirsi
2.Puli, other colorsCastlewolf O'galadriel, owner Ora Laura
3.German Shepherd DogEurope Von Fenrir, owner Puonti Kirsi
4.Bearded CollieBristregal Queen Of Regal, owner Janger Nina & Holmberg Kenneth
FCI 7/8 - Pointing Dogs/Retrievers, Water Dogs and Flushing Dogs
Judge Iversen Per
1.Cocker SpanielNorthworth Jumper Just Fits, owner Rossi Tuuli
2.English Springer SpanielAdamant's Take The Cake, owner Waldvogel Alex & Waldvogel Nina
3.Spanish WaterdogFairray Art By Zorrazo, owner Rutherford Erika
4.Flat Coated RetrieverMorrini Claire W, owner Niemelä Riitta