Porvoo National Dog Show 11-12.09.2021
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FCI 4 – Dachshunds
Best of groups
1.Dachshund, Standard Long-hairedXena's King Arthur, owner Nylund Reetta
2.Dachshund, Standard Wire-hairedMouldhill's Fantasy Collection, owner Rekiranta Paula
3.Dachshund, Standard Smooth-hairedBadamtam's Wiivailija, owner Roiha Siru & Martikainen Sakari
4.Dachshund, Miniature Smooth-hairedRedgi Prado Fly Me To The Moon, owner Tikkanen Sanna
Dachshund, Miniature Long-haired11
Dachshund, Miniature Smooth-haired7
Dachshund, Miniature Wire-haired4
Dachshund, Standard Long-haired10
Dachshund, Standard Smooth-haired14
Dachshund, Standard Wire-haired19
Rabbit Dachshund, Long-haired1
Rabbit Dachshund, Smooth-haired2
Rabbit Dachshund, Wire-haired1