Tuuri All Breed Dog Show 12-13.06.2021
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Junior Handler results
Welsh Corgi Pembroke
Judge Taipale Kati
BOBPromisehill No Greater Kiss (Kortelainen Emmi)
BOSGlamdring's Dashing Daisy (Keränen Piritta)
CAC dogAnnline's Peanut Butter (Sutela Anneli)
CAC bitchAnnline's Power Of Crystal (Rahikka Elina)
BOB veteranPromisehill No Greater Kiss (Kortelainen Emmi)
BOS veteranAnnline's Ur My Rocking Design (Keränen Piritta)
BOB breederAnnline's (Sutela Anneli)
1792Natural Stance SlothExcellent1BM3CQ, RES CACTAIPALE KATI
1793AdrianExcellent3TAIPALE KATI
1794Annline's Peanut ButterExcellent1BM2CQ, CAC, CHTAIPALE KATI
1795Annline's Queen's SoldierExcellent4TAIPALE KATI
1796Wales Tale's Neverending LoveExcellent2TAIPALE KATI
1797Promisehill No Greater KissExcellent1BM1CQ, BOB, VET BOBTAIPALE KATI
1798Aurora Fox My Second Siperia StoutVery GoodTAIPALE KATI
1799Haywire's Heart Skips A BeatExcellent3TAIPALE KATI
1800Moon Sun Kuka Muu MukaExcellent1BB4CQ, RES CACTAIPALE KATI
1801Natural Stance PrideVery GoodTAIPALE KATI
1802Wales Tale's Bright Star From The SkyExcellent4TAIPALE KATI
1803Wales Tale's Long Lasting DreamExcellent2CQTAIPALE KATI
1804Beryllos Just For YouExcellent3TAIPALE KATI
1805Erisdar's LilypadExcellent2TAIPALE KATI
1806Haywire's Exclusively YoursAbsent
1807Helaketun Kiss Me QuickExcellent1CQTAIPALE KATI
1808Annline's For Your Eyes OnlyExcellent2TAIPALE KATI
1809Annline's Magic Of LoveExcellentTAIPALE KATI
1810Annline's Outshine DesignAbsent
1811Annline's Power Of CrystalExcellent1BB3CQ, CACTAIPALE KATI
1812Helaketun Hope For Aurora FoxVery GoodTAIPALE KATI
1813Karvalakin AamuaurinkoExcellent3TAIPALE KATI
1814Moon Sun AnnabelleExcellent4TAIPALE KATI
1815Glamdring's Dashing DaisyExcellent1BB1CQ, BOSTAIPALE KATI
1816Natural Stance Diamond SchwarzExcellent2CQTAIPALE KATI
1817Annline's Ur My Rocking DesignExcellent1BB2CQ, VET BOSTAIPALE KATI
1818Beryllos Touch O'wales Tale'sAbsent
1819Wales Tale's Gotta Be TreasureVery Good2TAIPALE KATI
Breeder's groups
5074Annline's1KPTAIPALE KATI