Riihimäki INT 29.08.2021
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Junior Handler results
Flat Coated Retriever
Judge Poletaeva Irina
BOBHeilurihännän Country Dazzler (Taipale Tomi)
BOSFlat Power Unique Friendship (Forsell Marianne & Vorobjev Anu & Vorobjev Olga)
CACIB dogHeilurihännän Country Dazzler (Taipale Tomi)
CACIB bitchFlat Power Unique Friendship (Forsell Marianne & Vorobjev Anu & Vorobjev Olga)
CAC bitchFlat Power Passion For Lilac (Forsell Marianne & Vorobjev Anu & Vorobjev Kimmo)
BOB veteranAlmanza Between You And Me (Rajakallio Laura)
BOB breederFlat Power (Vorobjev Anu & Vorobjev Kimmo & Forsell Marianne)
1575Flat Power Lilac GardenExcellent2BM3CQPoletaeva Irina
1576Heilurihännän Country DazzlerExcellent1BM1CQ, BOB, CACIBPoletaeva Irina
1577Hulavuoren Hunting TigerExcellent3Poletaeva Irina
1578One Shining Blue StormVery Good4Poletaeva Irina
1579Comics Duke Of SwingExcellent1Poletaeva Irina
1580Vesitiikerin Alpha OmegaAbsent
1581Almanza Simply StarstruckExcellent2BM4CQPoletaeva Irina
1582Calzeat Causin Heads To TurnExcellent1BM2CQ, RES CACIBPoletaeva Irina
1583Celtair Mr FoxExcellent4Poletaeva Irina
1584Harvahampaan Path From Heart To HeartVery GoodPoletaeva Irina
1585Hulavuoren Hunting Like A FoolExcellent3Poletaeva Irina
1586Almanza Nero D'avolaVery Good3Poletaeva Irina
1587Dantaran It Takes Two To TangoExcellent1Poletaeva Irina
1588Heilurihännän Maiden's BlushExcellent2Poletaeva Irina
1589Majakkasaaren FerritiiniGoodPoletaeva Irina
1590Comics DeliciousVery Good4Poletaeva Irina
1591Dantaran No Mountain Too HighExcellent2BB4CQPoletaeva Irina
1592Flat Power Miracle Of LilacExcellent3Poletaeva Irina
1593Flat Power Passion For LilacExcellent1BB2CQ, CAC, RES CACIBPoletaeva Irina
1594Comics Jubilee ConfettiExcellent1BB3CQ, RES CACPoletaeva Irina
1595Almanza Ain't No Cure For LoveExcellent3Poletaeva Irina
1596Celtair Fox ChannelExcellent2CQPoletaeva Irina
1597Flat Power Unique FriendshipExcellent1BB1CQ, BOS, CACIBPoletaeva Irina
1598Almanza Between You And MeExcellent1VET BOBPoletaeva Irina
1599Harvahampaan Laughing WindAbsent
Breeder's groups
3061Flat Power1KPPoletaeva Irina