Mikkeli INT 31.07-01.08.2021
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Junior Handler results
Bichon Frisé
Judge Halonen Eija
BOBCharmandelan Why Deny I'm A Honey Pie (Virtanen Anu)
BOSAshmair Here Come's Sunshine (Lehto Laura)
CACIB dogJitterbop I'm In Ur Mind In Good N Bad (Pulkkinen Eija)
CACIB bitchCharmandelan Why Deny I'm A Honey Pie (Virtanen Anu)
CAC dogWhitemoonwalker Excuse Me Who's Laughing Now (Isohaaro Emma & Virtanen Anu)
CAC bitchCharmandelan Why Deny I'm A Honey Pie (Virtanen Anu)
BOB veteranAshmair Here Come's Sunshine (Lehto Laura)
BOB puppyWhitemoonwalker Omg I Break Every Rule (Virtanen Anu)
BOS puppyEarth Sprites Madam Maleficent (Karppinen Merja)
1346Lilac Dream's Born To Be BondAbsent
1347Whitemoonwalker Omg I Break Every Rule1HP, BOBHALONEN EIJA
1348Earth Sprites Madam Maleficent1HP, BOSHALONEN EIJA
1349Lilac Dream's Brilliant Sensation2HALONEN EIJA
1350White Pixy's Dance Zip-Zap-Zop'n KissAbsent
1351White Pixy's Dejavu Zippadeedoo KisserExcellent2HALONEN EIJA
1352Whitemoonwalker Excuse Me Who's Laughing NowExcellent1BM2CQ, CACHALONEN EIJA
1353Tullyheron Take A Chance On MeExcellent2HALONEN EIJA
1354Wyomaers Care For Some BubblyExcellent1BM4CQ, RES CAC, RES CACIBHALONEN EIJA
1355Charmandelan Pillow Fight TonightAbsent
1356Minuscule's Plan B Of KilmisterExcellent2HALONEN EIJA
1357Petite Pépite Prince Of Joy'n LoveVery Good3HALONEN EIJA
1358Sugerin Barking Up The Wrong TreeExcellent1HALONEN EIJA
1359Whitemoonwalker What A RangerAbsent
1360Zirrhan More Than You ExpectVery Good4HALONEN EIJA
1361Jitterbop I'm In Ur Mind In Good N BadExcellent1BM3CQ, CACIBHALONEN EIJA
1362Ashmair Here Come's SunshineExcellent1BM1CQ, BOS, VET BOBHALONEN EIJA
1363Robinellin Oogie BoogieVery Good2HALONEN EIJA
1364Charmandelan Stay Smart SweetheartAbsent
1365Earth Sprites Bella La VitaExcellent2HALONEN EIJA
1366Ladykiller's Go Ahead Make My HairAbsent
1367Minuscule's Daring DoExcellent3HALONEN EIJA
1368Sugerin When Ass Grows A BeardExcellent1HALONEN EIJA
1369White Pixy's Duchess Zipparella's KissGoodHALONEN EIJA
1370Whitemoonwalker Excuse Me Who Is WhoExcellent4HALONEN EIJA
1371Ladykiller's Queen Of Flaming EverythingExcellent1BB3CQ, RES CACHALONEN EIJA
1372Lilac Dream's Alluring RayExcellent2BB4CQHALONEN EIJA
1373Sugerin Two Is Better Than OneExcellent3HALONEN EIJA
1374Charmandelan Why Deny I'm A Honey PieExcellent1BB1CQ, BOB, CAC, CACIBHALONEN EIJA
1375Sempre Libera Valot SammuuAbsent
1376White Pixy's Chip Of HeavenExcellent2CQHALONEN EIJA
1377White Pixy's Chip Of Joy'n LoveExcellent3HALONEN EIJA
1378Wyomaers Ever So Good As It Bloody GetsExcellent4HALONEN EIJA
1379Whitemoonwalker Who's That GirlExcellent1BB2CQ, RES CACIBHALONEN EIJA
1380Zirrhan Twinkle Twinkle Little StarExcellent2CQHALONEN EIJA