Helsinki Winner 2021 18.12.2021
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FCI 1 – Sheepdogs and Cattledogs
Best of groups
1. Miniature American Shepherd
Legacy's Boom Boom Boom, owner Paju Kersti, Estonia
2. White Swiss Shepherd Dog
Real Shiny Diamond Of The Dutch Highlands, owner Jalonen Tino
3. Long-haired Pyrenean Sheepdog
Loures Barousse De La Roche Au Blaireau, owner Jussila Johanna & Hurskainen Kati
4. German Shepherd Dog, long and harsh outer coat
Piipans Lydia Livia, owner Huhtala Mira
Photographs by DogXpress / Heidi Örling
Australian Cattle Dog16
Australian Kelpie23
Australian Shepherd47
Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog1
Bearded Collie27
Belgian Shepherd Dog, Groenendael33
Belgian Shepherd Dog, Laekenois2
Belgian Shepherd Dog, Malinois20
Belgian Shepherd Dog, Tervueren43
Bergamasco Shepherd Dog2
Berger de Beauce15
Bohemian Shepherd Dog22
Border Collie38
Bouvier des Flandres8
Collie Rough58
Collie Smooth30
Czechoslovakian Wolfdog5
Dutch Schapendoes13
Dutch Shepherd Dog, Long-haired6
Dutch Shepherd Dog, Rough-Haired7
Dutch Shepherd Dog, Short-haired6
East European Shepherd5
German Shepherd Dog30
German Shepherd Dog, long and harsh outer coat22
Lancashire Heeler24
Long-haired Pyrenean Sheepdog12
Maremma and the Abruzzes Sheepdog4
Miniature American Shepherd25
Old English Sheepdog16
Picardy Sheepdog3
Polish Lowland Sheepdog7
Portuguese Sheepdog4
Puli, other colors3
Puli, white1
Pyrenean Sheepdog Smooth-faced3
Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog1
Saarloos Wolfhond8
Shetland Sheepdog83
Slovakian Chuvach3
Small Medimurje Dog - Medi1
South Russian Shepherd Dog3
Tatra Shepherd Dog9
Welsh Corgi Cardigan42
Welsh Corgi Pembroke29
White Swiss Shepherd Dog38