Helsinki Winner 2021 18.12.2021
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Welsh Corgi Pembroke
Judge Mattila Paavo
BOB, HeW-21Haywire's Visible Voyager (Siivonen Mari)
BOS, HeW-21Wales Tale's Ready To Fulfill Dream (Pusa Marja)
CAC dogHaywire's He Could Be The One (Ahlbom Else)
CAC bitchWales Tale's Long Lasting Dream (Pusa Marja)
Nord CAC dogHaywire's Visible Voyager (Siivonen Mari)
Nord CAC bitchWales Tale's Ready To Fulfill Dream (Pusa Marja)
BOB veteran, HeVW-21Annline's Ur My Rocking Design (Keränen Piritta)
BOS veteran, HeVW-21Munrony's Aramis (Kangasniemi Nina)
dog, HeJW-21Haywire's He Could Be The One (Ahlbom Else)
bitch, HeJW-21Wales Tale's Long Lasting Dream (Pusa Marja)
BOB breederHaywire's (Ahlbom Else & Iivonen Kirsi-Marja)
459Cloudmoore The SnowmanExcellent2CQ, RES CACMattila Paavo
460Haywire's He Could Be The OneExcellent1BM2CQ, CAC, NORD RES-CACMattila Paavo
461Suukkosuun Everlasting LoveAbsent
462Lappunaaman Komisario Kyösti PöystiAbsent
463Lappunaaman Pieni Muna Iso SieluVery good2Mattila Paavo
464Murmur AmarettoVery good1Mattila Paavo
465AdrianExcellentMattila Paavo
466Aethwy Stand By MeExcellent2BM3CQMattila Paavo
467Haywire's Updated EditionExcellent3BM4CQMattila Paavo
468Haywire's Visible VoyagerExcellent1BM1CQ, BOB, NORD CACMattila Paavo
469Wales Tale's If You Just TryExcellentMattila Paavo
470Zauber Virgil Donati Russian ChapterExcellent4CQMattila Paavo
471Munrony's AramisExcellent1CQ, VET BOSMattila Paavo
472Promisehill No Greater KissExcellent2CQMattila Paavo
473Cloudmoore Heat-Heats-HeatedExcellent4Mattila Paavo
474Haywire's Heart Skips A BeatExcellent2CQ, RES CACMattila Paavo
475Suukkosuun Dear DiamondExcellent3Mattila Paavo
476Wales Tale's Long Lasting DreamExcellent1BB4CQ, CACMattila Paavo
477Erisdar's LilypadExcellent3Mattila Paavo
478Haywire's Get Your High Heels OnExcellent2Mattila Paavo
479Tsäpäkkä ChiliExcellent4Mattila Paavo
480Wales Tale's Bright Star From The SkyExcellent1Mattila Paavo
481Karvalakin AamuaurinkoExcellent2Mattila Paavo
482Lappunaaman Hirveen Hemaiseva HelgaExcellent1Mattila Paavo
483Lappunaaman Sitähän Sää KysyitVery good3Mattila Paavo
484Natural Stance Diamond SchwarzExcellent2BB3CQMattila Paavo
485Rowells Let There Be RockExcellent3CQMattila Paavo
486Wales Tale's Ready To Fulfill DreamExcellent1BB1CQ, BOS, NORD CACMattila Paavo
487Annline's Ur My Rocking DesignExcellent1BB2CQ, VET BOB, NORD RES-CACMattila Paavo
Breeder's groups
9036Haywire's1KPMattila Paavo