Sawo Show 2022 - Kuopio NAT 5.8. 05.08.2022
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FCI 4 – Dachshunds
Best of groups
1. Miniature Dachshund, Long-haired
Luchshügel Oh So Charming, owner Tornikoski Anna
2. Standard Dachshund, Smooth-haired
Klint Of House Teodorovic, owner Pitkänen Jaana
3. Standard Dachshund, Long-haired
Chiking Be To Yyber Ihana, owner Marjeta Eveliina
4. Rabbit Dachshund, Smooth-haired
Kaiserküsse Aljosja, owner Svensson Eleonore, Sweden
Photographs by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen
Miniature Dachshund, Long-haired11
Miniature Dachshund, Smooth-haired5
Miniature Dachshund, Wire-haired7
Rabbit Dachshund, Long-haired7
Rabbit Dachshund, Smooth-haired4
Rabbit Dachshund, Wire-haired4
Standard Dachshund, Long-haired10
Standard Dachshund, Smooth-haired21
Standard Dachshund, Wire-haired16