Labrador Retriever Specialty Show 05.09.2021
Breed results
Labrador Retriever
Judge Masia Giuseppe
BOBValdisterza Northern Bound (Kaitila Anna-Liisa & Kaitila Helena)
BOSAprilmist Wow What A Honeymoon (Lindroos Mikko & Kuosmanen Kari)
CC dogAprilmist Whistle Me Back (Aro Mirja)
CC bitchAprilmist Wow What A Honeymoon (Lindroos Mikko & Kuosmanen Kari)
BOB veteranMouldhill's Kind Of Kiss (Lotta Vuorinen)
BOB juniorStrongline's Dr Mystery (Viljanen Anni)
BOB puppyStrongline's Feel The Happiness (Rantanen Tiina)
BOS puppySorolla's Especially For You (Kärkkäinen Heidi)
BOB breederAprilmist (Aro Mirja)
BOB progeny classOctober's Nanook Of The North (Tiusanen Sari)
1Sorolla's Especially For You1HP, BOSMASIA GIUSEPPE
2Sorolla's Dream On Little Dreamer3MASIA GIUSEPPE
3Strongline's Genie In A Bottle4MASIA GIUSEPPE
4Strongline's Hidden Hopes2MASIA GIUSEPPE
5Strongline's High-Five1HPMASIA GIUSEPPE
35Darkmys Charming Sugar Crush1HPMOSTURA MAURO
36Musikantin Monkey Flower2MOSTURA MAURO
37Rajakulman AarreMOSTURA MAURO
38Rajakulman Aijai4MOSTURA MAURO
39Rajakulman Ajanlasku3MOSTURA MAURO
40Aprilmist Dusty Rose4MOSTURA MAURO
41Just Believe Joy To The WorldMOSTURA MAURO
42Sorolla's Dreams Come Trueabsent
43Strongline's Feel The Happiness1HP, BOBMOSTURA MAURO
44Strongline's Fit Like A Glow3MOSTURA MAURO
45Strongline's Golden Treasure2HPMOSTURA MAURO
46Strongline's Handle With Loveabsent
47Tillithale First In Finlandabsent
6Aprilmist Bourbon StreetExcellent2CQMASIA GIUSEPPE
7Cannonpowder Cream FudgeVery GoodMASIA GIUSEPPE
8Heathway Big BenExcellent3MASIA GIUSEPPE
9October's Yeezys Of The NorthExcellentMASIA GIUSEPPE
10Strongline's Dr MysteryExcellent1CQ, RES CACMASIA GIUSEPPE
11Strongline's Dum Dum DidleExcellent4MASIA GIUSEPPE
12Aprilmist Whistle Me BackExcellent1CQ, CACMASIA GIUSEPPE
13Follies Playtimeabsent
14October's ZoltanExcellent2CQMASIA GIUSEPPE
15Palabras World Premierabsent
16Wild Ocean StormVery Good3MASIA GIUSEPPE
17Do Day's SargonExcellent4MASIA GIUSEPPE
18Firespirit's I Would Like To Be ZeusExcellentMASIA GIUSEPPE
19Mocnys Moonlight KnightExcellent2MASIA GIUSEPPE
20Sorolla's Bold Ice KingExcellentMASIA GIUSEPPE
21Strongline's Etch-A-SketchExcellent3MASIA GIUSEPPE
22Valdisterza Northern BoundExcellent1BM1CQ, BOBMASIA GIUSEPPE
23Aprilmist Wipe Off The DustExcellent2MASIA GIUSEPPE
24Follies Italianoabsent
25My Brand Night To RememberExcellent3MASIA GIUSEPPE
26Strongline's Xciting NewsExcellent1BM3CQMASIA GIUSEPPE
27Tyynenmaan MörköExcellent4MASIA GIUSEPPE
28Follies Don BasilioExcellent1BM2CQMASIA GIUSEPPE
29October's Nanook Of The NorthExcellent3MASIA GIUSEPPE
30Tawastway's HottentotExcellent2MASIA GIUSEPPE
31Aprilmist Up-To-DateExcellent2CQMASIA GIUSEPPE
32Mouldhill's Kind Of KissExcellent1BM4CQ, VET BOBMASIA GIUSEPPE
33Valpisa's PatrickExcellent3MASIA GIUSEPPE
48Aprilmist Brenda LeeExcellentMOSTURA MAURO
49Brufinn Easy GoingGoodMOSTURA MAURO
50Cheektail's Tiny DancerExcellentMOSTURA MAURO
51Follies QuadrilleGoodMOSTURA MAURO
52Follies Quite FunnyExcellent1BB3CQ, RES CACMOSTURA MAURO
53Heathway BellarosaExcellentMOSTURA MAURO
54Kavamel Classy'n'sassy For Waterline'sExcellentMOSTURA MAURO
55Magic Melliers Tina TaittingerExcellentMOSTURA MAURO
56October's Yevgenia YevtusenkoExcellentMOSTURA MAURO
57October's ZambeziExcellent4MOSTURA MAURO
58Strongline's Drama QueenExcellentMOSTURA MAURO
59Tawastway's Dream A Little Dream Of MeExcellent2CQMOSTURA MAURO
60Tawastway's Tell Me Sweet Little LiesExcellent3MOSTURA MAURO
61Yaborina ElsaVery GoodMOSTURA MAURO
62Aprilmist Wow What A HoneymoonExcellent1BB1CQ, BOS, CACMOSTURA MAURO
63Follies Night LightExcellent3CQMOSTURA MAURO
64Heathway Farewell NeverlandExcellent2CQMOSTURA MAURO
66Ilomenas NemesisVery GoodMOSTURA MAURO
67Jensen's Hot MacarenaVery GoodMOSTURA MAURO
68Mocnys Urban WomanExcellent4MOSTURA MAURO
69October's YosemiteExcellentMOSTURA MAURO
70Puistokujan CesariaVery GoodMOSTURA MAURO
71Rantakankaan I'll Follow The SunVery GoodMOSTURA MAURO
72Strongline's Afterglowabsent
73Strongline's ApplauseVery GoodMOSTURA MAURO
74Strongline's Zaza GaborVery GoodMOSTURA MAURO
75Wild Ocean LadyVery GoodMOSTURA MAURO
76Wild Ocean PrincessVery GoodMOSTURA MAURO
77Cheektail's Daisy Masonabsent
78Clairstone Moon JamVery GoodMOSTURA MAURO
79Follies Miss WorldExcellentMOSTURA MAURO
80Madame Tussauds Optimus Canisabsent
81Mallorn's TresorExcellentMOSTURA MAURO
82Mocnys Secret AgentExcellent1CQMOSTURA MAURO
83Mouldhill's Dee Dee KissExcellent4MOSTURA MAURO
84Sorolla's Around The WorldVery GoodMOSTURA MAURO
85Sorolla's Beautiful Snow KissVery GoodMOSTURA MAURO
86Sorolla's Beautiful SnowflakeExcellentMOSTURA MAURO
87Sorolla's Catch A Falling StarExcellentMOSTURA MAURO
88Strongline's Ragdollabsent
89Strongline's Take It EasyExcellent3MOSTURA MAURO
90Sylvia Skarb SercaVery GoodMOSTURA MAURO
91Tawastway's Right MeowVery GoodMOSTURA MAURO
92Waterline's Desert MirageExcellent2CQMOSTURA MAURO
93Mocnys Once Upon A TimeExcellent2MOSTURA MAURO
94Saltland's Sunny Sunday To MusikantinVery Good3MOSTURA MAURO
95Waterline's Cotton CandyExcellent1BB4CQMOSTURA MAURO
96Cheektail's Angel EyesExcellent4MOSTURA MAURO
97Follies Finntastiqueabsent
98Kavamel Set Fire To The RainExcellent3MOSTURA MAURO
99Strongline's Princess LeiaExcellent2MOSTURA MAURO
100Tawastway's MiaumixExcellent1BB2CQMOSTURA MAURO
Breeder's groups
303October's3-MOSTURA MAURO
305Strongline's2-MOSTURA MAURO
Progeny class
400October's Nanook Of The North1KPMOSTURA MAURO