Siirto 30.5. > 5.9. Tuusula RN FCI 2/8 & 4/5 05.09.2021
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FCI 2/8 - Pinscher and Schnauzer type, Molossians/Retrievers, Water Dogs and Flushing Dogs
Judge Grin Olga
1. Lagotto Romagnolo
Foogel Quinto, owner Siimes Pia & Lalu Petri
2. Boxer
Helios Della Cappastorta, owner Rikkilä Anne & Pietilä Sinikka
3. Black Russian Terrier
Avrora Russkiy Spetsnaz, owner Puska Mia
4. Miniature Pinscher
A'dreams Black Oskar, owner Haapaniemi Sari-Sisko
Photographs by Nea Finnig
FCI 4/5 - Dachshunds/Spitz and primitive types
Judge Holm Larnemaa Marianne
1. Wolfsspitz (Keeshond)
Eerondaali Royal Highness, owner Turunen Petri
2. Dachshund, Miniature Smooth-haired
Catastrofe's Sun Wind, owner Selen Stina
3. Dachshund, Miniature Long-haired
Aavistuksen Metsänmyytti, owner Päivi Soisalo
4. American Akita
Gapabo's Take A Chace Of Me, owner Boehm Ganga
Photographs by Nea Finnig