Kalajoki FCI 1/3 & 9/6 23.07.2021
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Best of groups
FCI 1/3 - Sheepdogs and Cattledogs/Terriers
Judge Homem De Mello Jose
1. Australian Silky Terrier
Lamplighter Bendill Tail Wind, owner Halonen Jiri & Beissel Barbara & Benson Mark
2. Scottish Terrier
Quaint Theofilo, owner Tuuliniemi Arja
3. Collie Smooth
Texforrier Clingstone Whoop It Up, owner Kamppi Mari & Nyman Molli & Vuorinen Rainer
4. Welsh Corgi Pembroke
Promisehill No Greater Kiss, owner Kortelainen Emmi
Photographs by Petri Örling
FCI 9/6 - Companion and Toy Dogs/Scenthounds and related breeds
Judge Korna Dina
1. Pekingese
Justlin's Golden Royal Sioux, owner Jakobsson Seija
2. Toy Poodle
Jade Garden Journey To Never-Never Land, owner Karlsson Maarit
3. Beagle
Trewelyn Two Strike Hitter, owner Ånäs Lena
4. Dalmatian
Liconda's Breaking The Silence, owner Nilsson Linda, Sweden
Photographs by Petri Örling