Forssa INT 27-28.08.2022
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Collie Rough
Judge Paunovic Dusan
BOBBlack Elles Non Stop Drifting (Pönni Eeva & Pönni Marko & Alvasto Eija)
BOSGatefields Smoke On The Water (Marianne Hansson)
CACIB dogCrofter's Only Wishmaster (Dibák Katri)
CACIB bitchBlack Elles Non Stop Drifting (Pönni Eeva & Pönni Marko & Alvasto Eija)
CAC dogBelrosa If I Can Dream (Drougge Anne-Marie)
CAC bitchBlack Mimi's Shine Like A Star (Suuriniemi Minna)
BOB veteranGatefields Smoke On The Water (Marianne Hansson)
BOS veteranGatefields I'm All Aflame (Marianne Hansson, Sweden)
BOB juniorBlack Mimi's Princess Aurora (Suuriniemi Minna)
BOB breederBlack Mimi's (Suuriniemi Minna)
433Crofter's Only One RemasterVery Good1Paunovic Dusan
434Amarandan White Chap Of The OakAbsent
435Belrosa If I Can DreamExcellent1BM3CQ, CAC, RES CACIBPaunovic Dusan
436Black Elles Precious PrinceVery Good3Paunovic Dusan
437Black Sara's Unique GreatAbsent
438Silverlady's Northern KingExcellent2CQ, RES CACPaunovic Dusan
439Blue Mellow's Good Luck CharmAbsent
440Fresita's Like The WindyAbsent
441Ghost Story's Huggie BearExcellent3Paunovic Dusan
442Oceanbourn Clever Gold FeverExcellent2Paunovic Dusan
443Sunwind's Sparks Of ThunderExcellent1Paunovic Dusan
444Whiskers Gavroche ThenardierVery Good4Paunovic Dusan
445Belrosa Always On My MindAbsent
446Crofter's Only WishmasterExcellent1BM2CQ, CACIBPaunovic Dusan
447Heidelind's Great DesignExcellent2BM4CQPaunovic Dusan
448Kangasvuokon EmeraldAbsent
449Rejejs Romantic RaphaelExcellent3Paunovic Dusan
450Scottail You Never Walk AloneAbsent
451Twilight Moon Sending SoldierExcellent4Paunovic Dusan
452Gatefields Smoke On The WaterExcellent1BM1CQ, BOS, VET BOB, VET CACPaunovic Dusan
453Black Elles Really Don't CareExcellent2CQPaunovic Dusan
454Black Mimi's Princess AnastasiaExcellent3Paunovic Dusan
455Black Mimi's Princess AuroraExcellent1CQ, JUN BOB, RES CAC, JUN CACPaunovic Dusan
456Siniketun Pretty BlueAbsent
457Amarandan Heart Of OakExcellent1CQPaunovic Dusan
458Kangasvuokon Teresa IorioAbsent
459Black Mimi's Princess AdeleAbsent
460Black Mimi's Shine Like A StarExcellent1BB4CQ, CAC, RES CACIBPaunovic Dusan
461Blue Mellow's Always On My MindAbsent
462Leaf-Field's Say MamaAbsent
463Black Elles Non Stop DriftingExcellent1BB1CQ, BOB, CACIB, BIG-2Paunovic Dusan
464Black Mimi's Born To ShineExcellent2CQPaunovic Dusan
465Black Sara's NanetteAbsent
466Crinoid's Ma LoulouteExcellent3Paunovic Dusan
467Lassie Line Dream Of RainwoodAbsent
468Black Mimi's Madame MimExcellent3Paunovic Dusan
469Gatefields I'm All AflameExcellent1BB2CQ, VET BOS, VET CACPaunovic Dusan
470Gatefields I'm Over The MoonExcellent2BB3CQPaunovic Dusan
Breeder's groups
5019Black Mimi's1KPPaunovic Dusan