Riihimäki NAT 24.09.2022
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Zwergspitz (Pomeranian)
Judge Häkkinen Erika
BOBPipperoo What You See Is What You Get (Lager Mirja)
BOSLinnanhaltijan Dharma Gold (Gold Ellen & Kalke Maarit)
CAC bitchLinnanhaltijan Dharma Gold (Gold Ellen & Kalke Maarit)
BOB veteranUltimatum Premiera (Korpela Elena)
BOS veteranPipperoo Catch Me If You Can (Tuuli Soile)
BOB juniorPipperoo Fun And Games (Tuuli Soile & Lager Mirja)
BOB breederPipperoo (Lager Mirja)
1846Fur Band Imperator Of DelightAbsent
1847Heidelind's Dollar Secret DiorExcellent1Häkkinen Erika
1848Linnanhaltijan EgyptAbsent
1849Marmotina Champion Clock Says Tik TakAbsent
1850Linnanhaltijan EddieExcellent1BM4CQHäkkinen Erika
1851Soulhill's Reach For The SkyAbsent
1852Linnanhaltijan DubaiExcellent1Häkkinen Erika
1853Chosen One Ain't No ReasonExcellentHäkkinen Erika
1854Grand Iz Ruzy Cloud CastleExcellent4Häkkinen Erika
1855Pipperoo Comes In All ColoursExcellent2BM3CQHäkkinen Erika
1856Pipperoo What You See Is What You GetExcellent1BM1CQ, BOB, BIG-3Häkkinen Erika
1857Pipperoo Whatever It TakesExcellent3CQHäkkinen Erika
1858Soulhill's Master Of The UniverseAbsent
1859Pipperoo Trick Or TreatVery Good2Häkkinen Erika
1860Ultimatum PremieraExcellent1BM2CQ, VET BOBHäkkinen Erika
1861Chosen One Qwanda QerberaExcellent2CQHäkkinen Erika
1862Linnanhaltijan EveExcellent3CQHäkkinen Erika
1863Pipperoo Fun And GamesExcellent1BB3CQ, JUN BOB, RES CAC, JUN CACHäkkinen Erika
1864Pipperoo It Is What It IsExcellent4CQHäkkinen Erika
1865Pipperoo Spice It UpAbsent
1866Soulhill's Sky's The LimitAbsent
1867Baby-Doll's Hot JewelExcellent2CQHäkkinen Erika
1868Linnanhaltijan Dharma GoldExcellent1BB1CQ, BOS, CACHäkkinen Erika
1869Linnanhaltijan EukalyptysAbsent
1870Mild Star's You Are In My HeartExcellent3Häkkinen Erika
1871Baby-Doll's Paris Can WaitExcellent1BB2CQHäkkinen Erika
1872Hanlait Rilla-TiangaVery Good2Häkkinen Erika
1873Linnanhaltijan DublinAbsent
1874Baby-Doll's Soul By PannacottaAbsent
1875Linnanhaltijan DiscoExcellent3Häkkinen Erika
1876Pipperoo Castle In The SkyExcellent4Häkkinen Erika
1877Pipperoo My Castle My RulesExcellent2CQHäkkinen Erika
1878Pipperoo Special Gold EditionExcellent1BB4CQHäkkinen Erika
1879Soulhill's Ti AmoAbsent
1880Pipperoo Catch Me If You CanExcellent1CQ, VET BOSHäkkinen Erika
1881Pipperoo My TreatAbsent
1882Soulhill's DuchessAbsent
Breeder's groups
5069Linnanhaltijan2KPHäkkinen Erika
5070Pipperoo1KPHäkkinen Erika