Kotka INT 2022 18-19.06.2022
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Collie Rough
Judge Young Kevin
BOBRoxier's Blue Maxman (Muuronen Anita)
BOSCrofter's Only Maneater (Hakula-Vainionpää Hanna & Hautaviita Marjo)
CACIB dogRoxier's Blue Maxman (Muuronen Anita)
CACIB bitchCrofter's Only Maneater (Hakula-Vainionpää Hanna & Hautaviita Marjo)
CAC dogCrofter's Only King Of Rock (Huggila-Heikkilä Saara & Heikkilä Mikael & Rössi Selena)
CAC bitchCrofter's Only Maneater (Hakula-Vainionpää Hanna & Hautaviita Marjo)
BOB veteranMarcol Heartbreaker (Hautaviita Marjo)
BOS veteranBlackyblue's Love Gives Me Five (Forsman Marita)
BOB juniorCrofter's Only King Of Rock (Huggila-Heikkilä Saara & Heikkilä Mikael & Rössi Selena)
BOS juniorCrofter's Only Ebony Queen (Hautaviita Marjo & Tuomikoski Venla)
BOB puppyCrofter's Only Sailor Sparrow (Harju Susanna & Hautaviita Marjo)
BOB breederCrofter's Only (Hautaviita Marjo)
148Crofter's Only Sailor Sparrow1HP, BOBYoung Kevin
149Crofter's Only King Of RockExcellent1BM3CQ, JUN BOB, CACYoung Kevin
150Samuways Once In A LifetimeVery Good2Young Kevin
151Black Elles Precious PrinceVery Good2Young Kevin
152Merry Moonray's Black JackVery Good1Young Kevin
153Frozeneye's Flying StarExcellent1BM4CQ, RES CAC, RES CACIBYoung Kevin
154Irokon Veteen Piirretty ViivaVery GoodYoung Kevin
155Lassie Line Dare To LeadAbsent
156Merry Moonray's Feel The FortuneExcellentYoung Kevin
157Merry Moonray's Must Be MagicalExcellent4Young Kevin
158Riemumielen Hurjasusi KuunvalossaExcellent2Young Kevin
159Samuways Hold Blue ShineExcellent3Young Kevin
160Summerway's Kiss From Blue Galaxy SoulmanVery GoodYoung Kevin
161Black Sara's Pohjoisen AslakExcellent3Young Kevin
162Crofter's Only Master KisserExcellent2CQYoung Kevin
163Crofter's Only WishmasterExcellentYoung Kevin
164Lassie Line Brave MortyVery GoodYoung Kevin
165Roxier's Blue MaxmanExcellent1BM1CQ, BOB, CACIBYoung Kevin
166Silimen Unelmien PrinssiExcellent4Young Kevin
167Skabona Lucky MeAbsent
168Black Sara's Way To WinExcellent3Young Kevin
169Blackyblue's Licence To LoveExcellent4Young Kevin
170Finn Arrow Lovable LancelotExcellentYoung Kevin
171Fridens Davidoff For CesamenExcellent2CQYoung Kevin
172Marcol HeartbreakerExcellent1BM2CQ, VET BOB, VET CACYoung Kevin
173Black Elles Really Don't CareAbsent
174Black Gary You're My DestinyExcellent3CQYoung Kevin
175Crofter's Only Ebony QueenExcellent1CQ, JUN BOS, JUN CAC, JCHYoung Kevin
176Irokon DreamdustExcellent4Young Kevin
177Irokon DreamfinityExcellentYoung Kevin
178Samuways Original BeautyExcellent2CQYoung Kevin
179Serasecret Blowing Kisses In The WindExcellentYoung Kevin
180Twilight Moon Tricking ThunderVery GoodYoung Kevin
181Blomlane's Soul SisterExcellent2CQYoung Kevin
182Irokon SilverlightExcellent4Young Kevin
183Silverlady's Name Me ChaosExcellent1CQYoung Kevin
184Star Yard's Be My Cotton BallExcellent3Young Kevin
185Black Gary Dancing QueenExcellent3Young Kevin
186Crofter's Only ManeaterExcellent1BB1CQ, BOS, CAC, CH, CACIBYoung Kevin
187Sograte's Loved DarlingExcellent2Young Kevin
188Thunderclap HarietteVery Good4Young Kevin
189Zinnia's Million Dollar BabyAbsent
190Black Elles Non Stop DriftingExcellent1BB2CQ, RES CACIBYoung Kevin
191Irokon So Much SunlightExcellent3CQYoung Kevin
192Lassie Line Cute N BubblyExcellent4Young Kevin
193Roxier's Voque WomanExcellent2BB4CQYoung Kevin
194Blackyblue's Love Gives Me FiveExcellent1BB3CQ, VET BOS, RES CAC, VET CAC, VCHYoung Kevin
Breeder's groups
4005Crofter's Only1KPYoung Kevin