Kotka INT 2022 18-19.06.2022
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Shetland Sheepdog
Judge Young Kevin
BOBFlaming Snow's Gosh All Eyes On This Girl (Kauppila Heli)
BOSKiitäjän Franz (Lumpo Sari)
CACIB dogKiitäjän Franz (Lumpo Sari)
CACIB bitchFlaming Snow's Gosh All Eyes On This Girl (Kauppila Heli)
CAC dogUsvatar Neelam (Mäkisalo Jessica)
CAC bitchDreamlook Just A Enchantress (Riekkinen Susanna)
BOB juniorUsvatar Neelam (Mäkisalo Jessica)
BOS juniorFeliwing's Glorious Apricity (Ylönen Nataly)
BOB puppyParadisehill Dreaming Stars (Reinikkala Kiia)
195Paradisehill Dreaming Stars1HP, BOBYoung Kevin
196Usvatar NeelamExcellent1BM2CQ, JUN BOB, CAC, JUN CAC, JCHYoung Kevin
197Violetdream Let Me FlyExcellent3Young Kevin
198Violetdream Mister MysteriousExcellent2Young Kevin
199Amerat God Of Thunder ZeusExcellent3Young Kevin
200Flaming Snow's Must Be True To Your HeartExcellent2CQYoung Kevin
201Samuways Like First LoveExcellent1BM4CQYoung Kevin
202Dalimattas Lille AlexanderExcellent3Young Kevin
203Feliwing's Too Cute To Be TrueExcellent4Young Kevin
204Jeonan Meet The KingExcellent1BM3CQ, RES CAC, RES CACIBYoung Kevin
205Käpylaakson Lauri VilkasVery GoodYoung Kevin
206Today's Fake NewsExcellent2Young Kevin
207Kiitäjän FranzExcellent1BM1CQ, BOS, CACIBYoung Kevin
208Feliwing's Glorious ApricityExcellent1CQ, JUN BOS, RES CAC, JUN CAC, JCHYoung Kevin
209Furry Haven Last Waltz's DivaExcellent3Young Kevin
210Golden Rose Fire In My HeartExcellent2CQYoung Kevin
211Shetwood Armin HelmiVery GoodYoung Kevin
212Tyrskyluodon TaijaVery Good4Young Kevin
213Bernoban Herttainen HippuVery GoodYoung Kevin
214Dreamlook Just A EnchantressExcellent1BB2CQ, CAC, RES CACIBYoung Kevin
215Samuways Little MiracleExcellent4Young Kevin
216Shetwood Maija MehiläinenExcellent3Young Kevin
217Today's Midsummer MiracleExcellentYoung Kevin
218Valoilmiön Suloinen SuojeliusExcellent2BB3CQYoung Kevin
219Zetland's Cream DreamExcellentYoung Kevin
220Anyway Toy ThunderExcellent2CQYoung Kevin
221Dreamhill A Star Is BornExcellent4Young Kevin
222Golden Rose Midnight FantasyExcellentYoung Kevin
223Merry Moonray's SavannahExcellentYoung Kevin
224Miador MilkywayAbsent
225Starsong Sweet MysteryExcellent3Young Kevin
226Zaza's Golden LadyExcellent1CQYoung Kevin
227Flaming Snow's Gosh All Eyes On This GirlExcellent1BB1CQ, BOB, CACIB, BIG-3Young Kevin
228Smartteams Grand LadyExcellent2BB4CQYoung Kevin
229Pihlajapirtin TaigoriExcellent1Young Kevin