Seinäjoki INT 22-23.10.2022
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Collie Rough
Judge Simberg Helina
BOBCarnoustie's Carry On (Roos Susanne & Strömberg Thomas)
BOSNo Limits To Blues Di Cambiano (Skalin Natalja, Sweden)
CACIB dogCarnoustie's Carry On Lovin' (Dahlin Ann-Louise)
CACIB bitchNo Limits To Blues Di Cambiano (Skalin Natalja, Sweden)
CAC dogKangasvuokon Spencer Ii (Valkeejärvi Satu & Enlund Piia & Manninen Mirja)
CAC bitchNo Limits To Blues Di Cambiano (Skalin Natalja, Sweden)
BOB veteranCarnoustie's Carry On (Roos Susanne & Strömberg Thomas)
BOS veteranCarnoustie's La Dolce Fiore (Roos Susanne & Strömberg Thomas)
BOB juniorJuniperhill's Magic Is My Way (Pajunen Jaana)
BOB puppyCarnoustie's La Fiore D'oro (Roos Susanne)
BOS puppyKangasvuokon Rosa Eden King (Manninen Mirja & Enlund Piia & Valkeejärvi Satu)
BOB breederCarnoustie's (Roos Susanne & Strömberg Thomas)
361Crofter's Only Bestman3Simberg Helina
362Kangasvuokon Rosa Eden King1HP, BOSSimberg Helina
363Kangasvuokon Rosa King Richard2Simberg Helina
364Amarandan Damselfly Azure2Simberg Helina
365Carnoustie's La Fiore D'oro1HP, BOBSimberg Helina
366Amlady's Million Shine Lucky BoyVery Good3Simberg Helina
367Amlady's Million Shine SmileboyVery Good1Simberg Helina
368Glorious Black Evil's SurpriseVery Good2Simberg Helina
369Juniperhill's Master Of MagicGoodSimberg Helina
370Leaftribe One Side Of The StoryVery Good4Simberg Helina
371Marcol Royal RouletAbsent
372Black Sara's VincentGoodSimberg Helina
373Kangasvuokon Spencer IiExcellent1BM3CQ, CAC, RES CACIBSimberg Helina
374Windy Forest's Like A Silvery ShadowVery Good2Simberg Helina
375Windy Forest's Like A Wild HurricaneVery Good3Simberg Helina
376Breezy Meadow's Fountain Of LoveAbsent
377Candymoon X-Tra SpicyVery Good4Simberg Helina
378Crofter's Only LifestoryVery GoodSimberg Helina
379Crofter's Only SilversailorGoodSimberg Helina
380Eniwei's I'm Worth KnowingVery Good3Simberg Helina
381Golden Mist Stormy Night MagicVery Good1Simberg Helina
382Manji Messi MozaikaAbsent
383Millake's Foxy AtticusSufficientSimberg Helina
384Soonist SebastianVery Good2Simberg Helina
385Carnoustie's Carry On Lovin'Excellent1BM2CQ, CACIBSimberg Helina
386Crofter's Only Master KisserExcellent2Simberg Helina
387Kangasvuokon LorenzoExcellent3Simberg Helina
388Lassie Line Coolest Guy EverExcellent4Simberg Helina
389Silverlady's Me Me Look At MeVery GoodSimberg Helina
390Skabona Magic CrystalAbsent
391Twilight Moon Sending SoldierVery GoodSimberg Helina
392Carnoustie's Carry OnExcellent1BM1CQ, BOB, VET BOBSimberg Helina
393Black Elles Return Of The PerignonExcellent2Simberg Helina
394Crofter's Only Maid RemasteredAbsent
395Crofter's Only RemistressVery Good4Simberg Helina
396Glorious Black The Finnish FlashVery GoodSimberg Helina
397Glorious Black Time OutVery GoodSimberg Helina
398Juniperhill's Magic Is My WayExcellent1CQ, JUN BOB, JUN CACSimberg Helina
399Leaftribe Side By SideVery GoodSimberg Helina
400Leaftribe Side EffectVery GoodSimberg Helina
401Leaftribe This Side UpVery Good3Simberg Helina
402Pawstruck Art Of Cheek 'N TreatGoodSimberg Helina
403Glorious Black Devil's Greatest LegacyExcellent2Simberg Helina
404Leaftribe Starry Starry NightExcellent1CQSimberg Helina
405Marcol Pleasing TouchExcellent3Simberg Helina
406Marcol Pretty Black OnyxVery Good4Simberg Helina
407Ronculan Endless LoveGoodSimberg Helina
408Ronculan Endless TenderVery GoodSimberg Helina
409Amarandan Acorn Of OakGoodSimberg Helina
410Amarandan Heart Of OakVery GoodSimberg Helina
411Black Mimi's My SunshineAbsent
412Breezy Meadow's Flaming StarExcellent1BB2CQ, RES CAC, RES CACIBSimberg Helina
413Carnoustie's AphroditeExcellent4Simberg Helina
414Carnoustie's EuphrosyneAbsent
415Crofter's Only SilverelleExcellentSimberg Helina
416Fresita's It's ShowtimeVery GoodSimberg Helina
417Golden Mist Stormy Magic LoveVery GoodSimberg Helina
418Juniperhill's Keep On HopingVery GoodSimberg Helina
419Kangasvuokon Miss ParadisoAbsent
420Marcol Chiaro Di LunaVery GoodSimberg Helina
421Pettydude's Adorable IdeaExcellent3Simberg Helina
422Soonist Suvi-TuuliExcellent2BB3CQSimberg Helina
423Tanyskan Her HighnessExcellentSimberg Helina
424Black Sara's NanetteAbsent
425No Limits To Blues Di CambianoExcellent1BB1CQ, BOS, CAC, CH, CACIBSimberg Helina
426Scottail XiomaraExcellent2Simberg Helina
427Skabona All Rights ReservedExcellent3Simberg Helina
428Blue Mellow's True LoveAbsent
429Carnoustie's La Dolce FioreExcellent1BB4CQ, VET BOSSimberg Helina
430Golden Mist Show Me FashionExcellent2Simberg Helina
431SheenaExcellent3Simberg Helina
Breeder's groups
5013Carnoustie's1KPSimberg Helina
5015Glorious Black2-Simberg Helina