Orivesi NAT 02-03.07.2022
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FCI 8 – Retrievers, Water Dogs and Flushing Dogs
Best of groups
1.Spanish Water DogAquacrest Magic Mike, owner Haapanen Noora & Uurtola-Kahri Päivi & Kahri Katariina
2.Irish Water SpanielBogdogs Stronger Than The Wind, owner Harju Pauliina
3.Flat Coated RetrieverCalzeat Causin Heads To Turn, owner Nyberg Tiia
4.American Cocker SpanielSquare Point's Once-In-A Blue Moon, owner Heikkinen Outi & Nuutero Tiina
American Cocker Spaniel8
Cocker Spaniel32
Curly Coated Retriever3
English Springer Spaniel9
Field Spaniel6
Flat Coated Retriever14
French Water Dog3
German Spaniel3
Golden Retriever45
Irish Water Spaniel1
Labrador Retriever45
Lagotto Romagnolo9
Nederlandse Kooikerhondje3
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever14
Portuguese Water Dog7
Russian Spaniel1
Spanish Water Dog14
Welsh Springer Spaniel16