Kalajoki NORD 23.07.2022
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FCI 7 – Pointing Dogs
Best of groups
1. Bourbonnais Pointing Dog
Gizmo Mazas Brolis, owner Viinikka Marjo
2. English Setter
Fairray Love Is In The Air, owner Nyberg Tiia
3. German Short-haired Pointing Dog
Teerikujan Yava, owner Andersson Camilla & Kumpula Antti
4. Irish Red Setter
Entice Karibbean Pirate, owner Rajamäki Taija & Tommi
Photographs by Dogxpress Heidi Örling
Bourbonnais Pointing Dog3
Brittany Spaniel5
English Pointer3
English Setter6
German Long-haired Pointing Dog1
German Short-haired Pointing Dog17
German Wire-haired Pointing Dog6
Gordon Setter4
Hungarian Wire-haired Pointer (Vizsla)2
Irish Red Setter16
Italian Pointing Dog2
Italian Spinone2
Old Danish Pointing Dog2
Portuguese Pointing Dog1
Small Munsterlander1
Weimaraner, long-haired4
Weimaraner, short-haired2