Kalajoki NORD 23.07.2022
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Group results|BIS results
Miniature Poodle, grey, apricot, and red
Judge Stiklius Valentinas
BOBShiva Paws Come As You Are (Korhonen Katri Maria & Isosomppi Minna)
BOSAromatic One Chance To Dance (Mäntymaa Heidi & Yli-Maunula Marjo)
CAC dogWhite Dotts Look At Me (Piironen Anniina)
Nord CAC dogShiva Paws Come As You Are (Korhonen Katri Maria & Isosomppi Minna)
Nord CAC bitchAromatic One Chance To Dance (Mäntymaa Heidi & Yli-Maunula Marjo)
BOB veteranDoctor's Special How Happy The Beauty (Arppe Alli & Arppe Suula)
BOB juniorWhite Dotts Look At Me (Piironen Anniina)
1853Merilend SilverAbsent
1854Nummenpään Red DreamExcellent2CQStiklius Valentinas
1855Nummenpään RedbullExcellent3Stiklius Valentinas
1856White Dotts Look At MeExcellent1BM3CQ, JUN BOB, CAC, JUN CACStiklius Valentinas
1857Belulino's Amazing UniqueExcellent2CQ, RES CACStiklius Valentinas
1858White Dotts New Boss In The CityExcellent1BM4CQStiklius Valentinas
1859Alley-Oop's Laki Beer-LambertExcellent3CQStiklius Valentinas
1860Peu Baw The Great White SharkExcellent2BM2CQ, NORD RES-CACStiklius Valentinas
1861Shiva Paws Come As You AreExcellent1BM1CQ, BOB, NORD CACStiklius Valentinas
1863Aromatic One Chance To DanceExcellent1BB1CQ, BOS, NORD CACStiklius Valentinas
1864Bitting FendiExcellent3Stiklius Valentinas
1865Candyroom's Everlasting Love DonnaExcellent4Stiklius Valentinas
1866Gray-Day's Piece Of ArtExcellent2BB2CQ, NORD RES-CACStiklius Valentinas
1867Alley-Oop's Mooli EntalpiaAbsent
1869Doctor's Special How Happy The BeautyExcellent1BB3CQ, VET BOB, VET CAC, VCHStiklius Valentinas