Werraton Wappu Tampere NORD 30.04.2022
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FCI 8 – Retrievers, Water Dogs and Flushing Dogs
Best of groups
1. American Cocker Spaniel
Very Vigie All Or Nothing, owner Kangas Heidi & Vartiainen Sanna
2. Flat Coated Retriever
Flat Power Unique Friendship, owner Forsell Marianne & Vorobjev Anu & Vorobjev Olga
3. Portuguese Water Dog
Adventurer's Dorian Gray By Alex, owner Tammi Sanna & Railamaa Jaana
4. Clumber Spaniel
Wiglytail's Tutto Bene, owner Kostiainen Marianne
Photographs by Sari Kupiainen
American Cocker Spaniel4
Clumber Spaniel2
Cocker Spaniel12
Curly Coated Retriever3
English Springer Spaniel23
Field Spaniel4
Flat Coated Retriever16
French Water Dog4
Golden Retriever41
Irish Water Spaniel4
Labrador Retriever28
Lagotto Romagnolo16
Nederlandse Kooikerhondje9
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever11
Portuguese Water Dog8
Russian Spaniel1
Spanish Water Dog12
Sussex Spaniel2
Welsh Springer Spaniel10