Siikajoki Puppy Show 04.09.2021
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FCI 9 – Companion and Toy Dogs
Best of groups
1.Medium Size Poodle, black, brown and whiteHaydee's Stadium, owner Pulkamo Tuulia
2.Chinese Crested DogLilla Wanillas Can't Deny Me, owner Kiiskinen Arja
3.Coton de TuléarMon Ombre Casino Jackpot, owner Nykänen Tiina
4.Miniature Poodle, grey, apricot and redZelenas Antares, owner Martikainen Maria & Moilanen Heidi
Bichon Havanais5
Chihuahua Long-haired1
Chinese Crested Dog6
Coton de Tuléar6
Lhasa Apso2
Little Lion Dog1
Medium Size Poodle, black, brown and white2
Medium Size Poodle, grey, apricot and red2
Miniature Poodle, grey, apricot and red4
Russian Toy Long-haired1
Tibetan Terrier2
Toy Poodle2