Royal Canin Show 11-12.05.2024
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FCI 6 – Scenthounds and related breeds
Best of groups
1. Beagle
Flibelle Shake Rattle And Roll, owner Narusk Kadri, Estonia
2. Norman Artesien Basset
Ritzypal's Meadow Storm, owner Vigren Virpi
3. Dalmatian
Diamond Dal's Rowan, owner Nyman Erica & Rantasalo-Nyman Mirja
4. Norwegian Hound
Dogiwogin Thor Son Of Odin, owner Aalto Tiina & Tuominen Mikko
Photographs by Outi Toni
Basset Hound3
Finnish Hound3
Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen3
Italian Short-Haired Segugio1
Norman Artesien Basset2
Norwegian Hound1
Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen4
Rhodesian Ridgeback12
Swiss Hound, Bernese Hound2