Royal Canin Show 11-12.05.2024
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FCI 7 – Pointing Dogs
Best of groups
1. Irish Red Setter
Entice O'really, owner Vikström Riitta
2. Weimaraner, short-haired
A Prima Vista De La Gioconda Kennel, owner Yli-Sassi Jessica
3. Old Danish Pointing Dog
Talisker, owner Nemlander Heidi & Olkinuora Sampsa
4. Gordon Setter
Goango Black Label, owner Tuurna Henna
Photographs by Outi Toni
Blue Picardy Spaniel2
Bohemian Wire-haired Pointing Griffon1
Bourbonnais Pointing Dog1
Brittany Spaniel2
German Long-haired Pointing Dog1
German Short-haired Pointing Dog15
German Wire-haired Pointing Dog5
Gordon Setter6
Irish Red and White Setter2
Irish Red Setter18
Italian Pointing Dog4
Old Danish Pointing Dog1
Small Munsterlander1
Weimaraner, long-haired1
Weimaraner, short-haired7