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FCI 8 – Retrievers, Water Dogs and Flushing Dogs
Best of groups
1.American Cocker SpanielLittle Life Zimply Champagne, owner Heikkinen Outi & Ann Niessen
2.Spanish Water DogApril Design Key To Kharisma, owner Sirén Marika
3.Cocker SpanielPretty Flower's Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This, owner Leivo Katariina
4.Lagotto RomagnoloGewitter Ancona, owner Kalske Eija & Lempinen Catherine
American Cocker Spaniel2
Cocker Spaniel4
Field Spaniel1
Golden Retriever2
Labrador Retriever3
Lagotto Romagnolo3
Portuguese Water Dog2
Spanish Water Dog2
Welsh Springer Spaniel1